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Sylas release skin: Lunar Wraith seeks revenge

If you’re going to swipe ultimates, you might as well look good doing it

Lunar Wraith Sylas reclines while staring at the viewer from the side of his eye Riot Games

Sylas has officially been revealed. The guy steals enemy ultimates, uses them against you and looks good doing it. Dang it.

As with all new champions, he’s releasing with a skin. Lunar Wraith Sylas looks pretty cool, too, with his blue face markings, spooky claws and pointed ears. It definitely adds a mystical vibe to Sylas, who is kind of rugged and dirty looking in his base skin.

This adds Sylas to the Lunar Wraith skin line, a line we normally see released around the Lunar Revel time. The last champions to receive skins with this theme were Caitlyn and Morgana in 2016.

Both Sylas and his release skin will make their ways on to the Public Beta Environment and they’ll release with patch 9.2.

Check out the comparison between his base skin and Lunar Wraith skin below.

Base skin

Riot Games

Lunar Wraith Sylas

Riot Games

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.