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Shaco, Nunu & Willump, Zilean, Ivern, and more neglected champs to get skins in 2019

You get a skin! And you get a skin! You all get skins!

Riot Games

In 2018, Riot gave us a list of champions that they knew were getting neglected in the skin department, like Amumu, Heimerdinger, Shen, and Cassiopeia. They promised that these champions would get a skin by the end of the year and they delivered with fantastic skins like Pulsefire Shen and Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger. They’re serving up the same promise this year with a new bunch of champions.

This year, Riot is promising skins for Shaco, Nunu & Willump, Zilean, and Ivern — four champions who haven’t seen skins in a long time. Shaco’s last was Wild Card Shaco in May 2015. Nunu & Willump’s last skin was Zombie in November 2015, well before their rework. Zilean’s last was Blood Moon in May 2015 and Ivern hasn’t gotten a skin since his Candy King release in October 2016.

Riot delivered some good skins last year that put new spins on beloved champions, so we’re looking forward to giving these characters some love this year.