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Championship Kha’Zix will have chromas for each Worlds team

Yes, you can rep your favorite team with more than just an emote this year


This year for the League of Legends World Championship, Riot is doing something a little bit different. Rather than just giving you special icons and emotes to rep your favorite teams, you’ll be able to show them off with a special chroma for this year’s Championship Kha’Zix skin.

The SkinsSpotlights and Surrender@20 team dug up the new chroma skins on the Public Beta Environment and they look pretty good. Kha’Zix turns the colors of the team of choice and also shows off banners with the team’s logo during his recall.

Check out some of the previews posted via the SkinSpotlights Twitter.

There is no word as of yet with how much these chroma skins cost, but the base skin itself is 1350 RP. Chromas usually cost 290 RP. There’s also no information yet about how much money made from these skins will go to the Worlds prize pool or team organizations as of writing this.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.