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Hextech Malzahar joins the steampunk-inspired skin line

Yes, there are likely going to be little Hextech crabs, er, voidlings

Riot Games

The Public Beta Environment has been updated for the patch 8.19 cycle, revealing Hextech Malzahar.

The skin has the steampunk Hextech theme, meaning that we can guess that this skin is going to be a Hextech Crafting exclusive skin, just like the others. This means you either need to luckily roll it out of a Hextech box or you need to use 10 Gemstones to craft the skin. Good luck!

Riot Games

The skin uses the usual copper and purple color scheme we usually see with these skins, as well as the glowing blue effects. It looks like he even got a special little jet pack to help him float around menacingly.

Something about his face is a little spooky looking, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

This is Malzahar’s seventh skin, with his most recent being Battle Boss Malzahar in August 2017.

This psot will be updated as more information becomes available.