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Kha’Zix is getting the 2018 Championship skin

Time to adapt

Riot Games

According to a post by the Latin American League of Legends esports Twitter account, it seems that Kha’Zix is receiving this year’s Championship skin.

The brutal bug is repping the usual blue, platinum and gold color scheme, while being more shiny than usual. His recall features two banners that show the World Championship logo. Unlike the past Championship skins, his recall doesn’t show him sitting on a throne or standing on a podium, but he’s just as worthy of the skin.

Riot Games

Basic Championship Kha’Zix

Riot Games

Q W E Evolved Championship Kha’Zix

Riot Games

R Evolved Championship Kha’Zix

Riot Games

The skin is tentatively priced at 1350 RP. It’s unknown if this skin will be contributing to the Worlds prize pool in some way, but it’s probably safe to assume that it is.

As usual, it should be noted that Championship skins are decided by what champ was popular during the Mid-Season Invitational from the same year. Kha’Zix had a 54.1 percent pick/ban rate and a 50 percent win rate during the tourney. That isn’t remarkably high, especially in comparison to champions like Morgana and Rakan, who were seemingly banned or picked in nearly every game, but Kha’Zix was a prominent champion throughout MSI and presumably fits whatever thematic Riot is going for this year.

UPDATE: 25 percent of the revenue for the Worlds Pass will go to teams competing the World Championship tournament. 12.5 percent of this will go to teams based on how they finish, while 12.5 will be evenly split among all of the competing teams.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.