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Nunu & Willump Bot’s voice-over is amazing

It’s almost — dare we say it — too meme-y

Along with Nunu & Willump’s kit update, the robot skin we all know and love has gotten a huge rehaul. While the duo looks more now like bot fighters than they do a janky and rusted robot now, that’s not a bad thing.

The original Nunubot’s voice lines were always considered pretty good. Between the Microsoft Sam laugh and the jokes about tower diving, most people bought this skin for the voice. Riot really stepped it up with the reworked skin, too, referencing many memes and jokes.

Nunu’s lines are all pretty cute and cheesy, but Willump really steals the show here. He’s kind of toxic and he includes a lot of dank memes that players talk about today. It seems that the duo is from the future and Willump’s programming might be based on an old League of Legends code.

If the 15 minutes of voice lines aren’t enough for you, he also has great character interactions, including one where he sees Tyndamere and says, “Hi, Marc!”