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New western-themed Thresh, Lucian and Urgot skins teased (update)


League of Legends players have gotten special e-mail teasers sent to them focusing on three champions. Though the champions haven’t been officially named, it looks like it’s Urgot, Thresh and Lucian all to get matching skins to be revealed on August 14.

Each e-mail included an image of the champion (see above), as well as a blurb of text and a link to the League of Legends Instagram account.

The blurbs are as following, a la Surrender@20:


Devils live among us.

Some hook you into a fool’s game,

where taking one soul would’ve been a kinder consequence.


Devils live among us.

Sometimes, within us.

When you’re damned either way…

give ‘em hell.


Devils live among us.

Some are steel monstrosities,

relishing mass casualty in the name of industry.

We’ll see more information about this skin line soon enough, but it seems western-themed, though darker than the usual High Noon skin line.

Update 8/14: A new teaser cinematic has been revealed, showing us a devilish cowboy Lucian skin, which is confirmed to be a High Noon skin. You can see the trailer above.