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Enduring Sword Talon and Divine Sword Irelia are the latest mystical skins

Two more champions join the Immortal Journey skin line

Riot Games

New skins have popped up across League of Legends’ international Twitter accounts. Enduring Sword Talon and Divine Sword Irelia have been teased across the platform, showing new Asian-inspired skins.

The German League Twitter posted the video preview above, and the Brazilian account posted the splash art you can see below.

The skins are from the Immortal Journey skin line, along with Janna, Fiora and Master Yi. Both skins look great and the splash art really looks like a step above the usual art. (I mean, look at Irelia! Seriously!)

Enduring Sword Talon

Riot Games
Riot Games

This is Talon’s sixth skin, with his latest before this being Blood Moon Talon in February 2017.

Divine Sword Irelia

Riot Games
Riot Games

This is Irelia’s sixth skin and her first since Order of the Lotus Irelia released in June 2015.

These skins will be in patch 8.17’s Public Beta Environment cycle, so these won’t be available for testing quite yet.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.