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Mecha Aurelion Sol is the champion’s long-awaited new skin

And he looks pretty good!

Riot Games

After a long wait for a new skin, Aurelion Sol fans should be pleased to know that the mystical dragon is getting a Mecha skin.

The skin looks pretty detailed, with AuSol changing colors and having pretty cool particles. It looks like the bits that circle him are little space ships, which is a great touch.

This skin is tentatively priced at 1350 RP.

Riot Games

This is Aurelion Sol’s first skin since his release in March 2016. While Aurelion Sol mains frowned every time a new skin was announced that wasn’t for the Star Forger, they should be appeased now that he’s finally getting a skin. (After all, Riot promised us this would happen this year!)

Mecha Aurelion Sol zooms in, ready to destroy a bunch of fighter jets around him Riot Games

With that, the meme of “No Aurelion Sol skin?” has been put to rest ... only for one to eventually rise and take its place. Who will we complain about now? Who’s next on the docket?

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.