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2018 Pool Party skins: Gangplank, Caitlyn and Zoe make a splash

Riot is bringing some summer fun back to League

Riot Games

It’s the middle of a hot summer, but thankfully Riot has arrived to give us a reason to stay inside with the new 2018 Pool Party skins. Zoe’s skin was teased earlier this year, but this is our first complete look at the skins. This is the first new line up of Pool Party skins we have gotten since 2016 since last year all we got were chromas.

The first sign of the skins came from a Public Beta Environment preview that went out and was caught courtesy of Moobeat who quickly took it to Twitter.

Along with that gorgeous splash art, we also got a nice little teaser video that shows Pool Party Ziggs bringing some summer fun to dreary old Summoner’s Rift.

Zoe looks like she’ll be running around the Rift with a Beach Volleyball, possibly as her Q, while Caitlyn and Gangplank both have brand new water guns to rock. As for Caitlyn’s traps and Gangplank’s barrels, we’ll have to wait for the skins to go up on the PBE to see exactly how those will fit into the theme.

Pool Party Caitlyn

Riot Games

Pool Party Gankplank

Riot Games

Pool Party Zoe

Riot Games

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.