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All the revenue from Dark Star Cho’Gath will go to GlobalGiving

After Aug. 10, you won’t be able to buy this skin anymore

The Dark Star Cho’Gath skin, along with all the matching accessories, was added to the League of Legends in-game store Friday. All the proceeds will be donated to charity until Aug. 10.

The revenue will go to GlobalGiving, which will distribute the money among 20 different non-profits, based on the region. For North America, GlobalGiving will be donating to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Riot Games is paying any of the service fees in addition to giving the skin proceeds, as well as donating a minimum of $10,000 to every charity if it doesn’t make more than that.

Dark Star Cho’Gath was made by Riot in partnership with Make-a-Wish Foundation. The organization reached out in January on behalf of a fan named Bryan, who wanted to meet Riot Games and make a skin with them. In March, Bryan was able to visit Riot headquarters to help out with the skin design process. Then the skin was completed during the Thunderdome, Riot’s in-house hackathon.

Riot Games

Note that if you are a skin collector, you’re going to want to grab Dark Star Cho’Gath before it disappears. The skin will only return down the line as a Hextech Crafting exclusive, which means you’ll need the usual 10 Gemstones to craft it. (I mean, what better time to buy a skin than when it’s on sale?)

Dark Star Cho’Gath is on sale for 1350 RP, with a bundle including the icon and skin for 1500 RP. Another bundle is available that includes the skin and icon, as well as another exclusive icon and loading screen border for 2500 RP. There is also the icon and an emote available for purchase individually for 250 RP and 600 RP respectively.