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Riot is discontinuing its promotional Tristana and Alistar skins

We’ll miss you Riot Girl Tristana and Unchained Alistar ... bye Garen

Riot Games

Since the earliest days of League of Legends, a few free skins have been offered to fans for connecting with Riot on social media. For following League of Legends on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, fans could get Riot Girl Tristana, Dreadknight Garen and Unchained Alistar.

But as the years have worn on and League of Legends has gotten bigger and more complicated, there started to be new ways to get free skins — like Hextech crafting — and they were leaps and bounds ahead of the free skins of yesteryear. So, in the interest of letting old things rest, Riot has decided to put Riot Girl Tristana and Unchained Alistar in the vault and remove the social promotion for all three skins. Dreadknight Garen will stay in the RP store and can be purchased for 975RP, same as always.

The good news is, if you don’t have these skins yet — they’re free what are you doing? — Riot is giving you one last chance to get them through the company’s support page. Players will have until August 1 to redeem these skins so you better hurry.

Here are the instructions on how to get the skins straight from Riot’s official post:

Go to the homepage of the Support Site

Click “Login” in the upper right hand corner

Enter your account details (the same details you use to log into the client)

Click on “Submit A Request” at the top of the page

Select “Free Limited Time Promotional Skins: Tristana/Alistar/Garen” in the dropdown

Check the boxes for the skins you want

Click “Submit”

You should soon (almost immediately) receive an email from Blitzcrank confirming the skins have been added to your account