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Hextech Poppy is the newest crafting-exclusive skin

Time to start saving Gemstones


The reliable League of Legends Germany Twitter posted a teaser of the upcoming Hextech Poppy skin on Tuesday afternoon.

The skin is confirmed to be a Hextech Crafting exclusive, so you will most likely need to use 10 Gemstones to craft this rare skin. There’s also a chance you’ll be able to get it as a regular drop from Hextech boxes and other loot boxes.

Riot Games

The skin rocks the shiny look of the other Hextech skins and Poppy’s helicopter hammer is pretty neat.

Hextech Poppy wields her hammer and holds up a mysterious hextech orb Riot Games

This is Poppy’s ninth skin, with her last being Snow Fawn in Dec. 2017. A bulk of her skins are Legacy skins and are hard to come by outside of specific events. Hextech is her first Mythic skin. (Poppy skin collectors have it rough, huh?)

This skin should be making its way onto the Public Beta Environment this week for a launch in patch 8.14.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.