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God King Darius and his wolf does the Brazilian dog dance

(dog wiggles)

If you didn’t already think the two new God King skins were good, this is proof: at least Darius’ new skin is amazing. If you use the dance command with the skin equipped, him and his wolf friend dance just like the Brazilian dog from the famous video.

This immediately makes this skin one of the best of all time, probably. I mean, for god’s sake, look at them dance. They’re really going at it! While Darius and his evil wolf buddy aren’t nearly as wholesome as the original duo from the video, we can really dig it.

If you haven’t seen the original video, you should definitely watch it. It’s good.

God King Darius is one of the two skins for the upcoming Versus event for 2018. The skin is on the Public Beta Environment now for testing and should release in patch 8.13 along with the event.