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New surprise Beemo skin coming in patch 8.9

Well, this wasn’t on PBE.

Riot Games

Riot seems to be releasing a skin in patch 8.9 that wasn’t shown or teased on the Public Beta Environment: Beemo. That means Bee Teemo, not the lovable game console from Adventure Time.

The skin is priced at 1350 RP and it comes with bee sound effects, a new model, and more! Even Teemo’s mushrooms are beehives!

The skin is very cute and it’s releasing just in time for spring. The true top lane matchup is now between Beemo and Beekeeper Singed. Can Singed truly be a Beekeeper if he can’t even control a single little Beemo?

This is Teemo’s 10th skin, his last being Little Devil Teemo in October 2016. Teemo is one of those champions that probably has too many skins, but it’s too easy to put him in an adorable animal suit. I mean, look at him. Buzz, buzz.

The surprise skin is coming in Patch 8.9, which should drop on Wednesday.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.