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Celebrate the Mid-Season Invitational with the new Conqueror Varus skin

Red and regal.

Riot Games

A new Varus skin has been added to the Public Beta Environment! He’s getting the commemorative Conqueror skin used to celebrate the Mid-Season Invitational.

Riot Games

The skin is priced at 975 RP and comes with a new model, textures, recall, and spell VFX.

Riot Games

Varus’ last skin was Dark Star Varus released in June 2016. He has six other skins, including Dark Star: Blight Crystal, Arclight, Arctic Ops, Varus Swiftbolt, and Heartseeker.

In 2017, Conqueror Karma proceeds went towards funding the MSI prize pool for that year, and Varus’ skin will do the same. According to the reasoning behind Karma’s skin, Varus has the honor of receiving this year’s Conqueror skin because he stood out as a champion during the previous year’s World Championship.

Buy the skin before April 20 to support the Mid-Season Invitational prize pool. Buying the 2018 ward skin will also contribute to this pool, though the 2017 ward skin will not.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.