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Blood Mood Evelynn is the red demon skin she deserves

It suits her way too well.


After several years, Evelynn has gotten a new skin! She’s joining the Blood Moon gang, grabbing a skin that matches the asian demon vibe.

The skin is tentatively priced at 975 RP, which is pretty good for how good the skin looks!


Other champions with matching Blood Moon skins include Jhin, Yasuo, Akali, Shen, Kennen, Elise, Zilean, Twisted Fate, Kalista, Thresh, Diana, and Talon. The Blood Moon skin release and event is something that players look forward to every year. In 2017, a special game mode joined the skin releases that focused on assassin characters.

Riot Games

This is Evelynn’s first skin since Safecracker in 2014. Her other skins include Shadow, Tango, and Masquerade, which were all updated during her champion rework in 2017.

This skin should be available to be tested on the Public Beta Environment soon, with a full release in Patch 8.9.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.