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‘Your Shop’ returns with more specialized sales

Get skin sales personalized for you!

Your Shop, the specialized League of Legends skin shop is back for a limited time. Check your game in client to see what six skins are on your list!

The skins are picked based on your playstyle, so if you play Soraka-only, you’ll likely be getting a lot of support skins. (Ahem.)

Note that the skins on the list can include Legacy skins that you can’t buy during non-event times of the year, but it won’t include any skins that are Legendary, Ultimate, Limited, or Mythic. This means no DJ Sona, no Star Guardian Ahri, no Rusty Blitzcrank, and no Soulstealer Vayne.

The shop also won’t feature any skins that have released within the last three months, so if you’re hoping that you’ll be able to grab God Staff Jax, you’ll have to wait for the next shop (and get lucky).

The shop is up until March 16 at 2:59 a.m., so you have time to grab your deals.

What did you get in Your Shop? Does it suit you? Share with us what you got because we like to live vicariously through people who get super lucky shops. :’)