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New skins are coming for Shen, Heimerdinger, Aurelion Sol, and more

“A new skin for me? Is it true? This isn’t a prank?”

Riot Games

Tuesday’s /dev diary video on skins gave us lots of peeks at new content like the Samsung Galaxy Worlds skins and the Pool Party Zoe skin, but personalization lead producer SuperCakes also let us know that some underappreciated champions will be receiving skins this year.

She listed off Shen, Amumu, Rumble, Heimerdinger, Vladimir, Galio, and Aurelion Sol as champions confirmed to get new skins. None of these champions have gotten new skins in a while, with several of them getting visual updates in the past year or two.

Riot did the same thing last year, announcing skin-starved champions to get skins like Viktor, Swain, Cassiopeia, and Illaoi. The skins we did get for these champions didn’t disappoint, so we can’t wait to see what Riot does with the new list.

There was no further information on what types of skins these champions could be getting this year, but we’ll report here when we find out!