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Summer-themed Zoe skin teased in video

It’s probably a Pool Party skin, but we don’t want to pull the trigger on that yet.

Riot Games

In the newest /dev diary, personalization lead producer SuperCakes gave us a shakedown on what’s happening for skins in 2018. During this, she teased what seems to be a Pool Party skin for Zoe, when talking about yearly events.

Riot Games

Watery hair and abilities, a bathing suit, and ducky floaties? Too cute! There was no verbal confirmation that this was a Pool Party skin, but it definitely seems so. SuperCakes noted that this was for a big event planned for summer of 2018, so we can expect to see it soon.

Riot Games has released Pool Party skins since 2012, starting with Ziggs and moving onward, though they did not release any in 2017. Instead, we got chromas for Pool Party skins that already existed.

This is certainly one way to get players hype for summer, because if there’s one Pool Party skin coming out with an event, there’s probably more.

The video showed a model and a skill being used, though summer is still a long ways off as of writing this, so we probably won’t be seeing this Zoe skin on the Public Beta Environment any time soon.