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New GG Miss Fortune skin teased (update)

Bullet Angel Kai’Sa seems to be a target.

Riot Games

Update: As of March 5, there have been a couple more teasers across regions. This article has been updated with this information, but you can see the original post below the cut.

An Instagram post has confirmed that this is indeed a Miss Fortune skin, though it doesn’t say the name. We’re left with the hashtag “#GGMF,” which probably means more than “good game, Miss Fortune.”

This skin looks pretty similar to the theme we’re seeing from Bullet Angel Kai’Sa, as well. There was even a teaser put up on the Chinese League of Legends website that showed the wanted posters in front of Miss Fortune, featuring on of Kai’Sa.


A data log titled “KAISA_EXOSUIT_LOADER.log” has appeared in the Public Beta Environment files. It’s a text file that writes about Kai’Sa, as well as a character many believe to be Miss Fortune.

Numerous players from this Reddit thread are sleuthing around and believe that this is a sign that Miss Fortune is going to be getting a Legendary skin. The huge “FORTUNE” at the top, along with mentions of bounty hunting, red hair, and the code MF59 have people tipped off enough. (Miss Fortune was the 59th champion released in the game.)

The SkinsSpotlight teaser also shows Bullet Angel Kai’Sa’s recall at the end, zooming in on a portrait of who people believe is Miss Fortune.

We can’t confirm for sure until Riot teases us more, but Legendary skins are known for getting teasers ahead of time, so this information lines up to us!

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.