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Jarvan IV gets a new Dark Star skin

Now you can have a full Dark Star team!

Riot Games

The Public Beta Environment has been updated for the Patch 8.4 cycle and included in that is a new skin for Jarvan IV!

The skin is in the Dark Star line, matching with Kha’Zix, Orianna, Varus and Thresh. Spooky! He looks appropriately dark and space themed, along with the rest of the Dark Star skins. More importantly, now you can have an entire team of Dark Star champions with Jarvan going top, Kha jungling, Orianna going mid, Varus ADCing, and Thresh supporting.

Riot Games

The best part about this skin is his spear-polearm-sword-thing. That dark orb holding the pieces together in the middle looks so cool.

Riot Games

The price is tentatively set at 1350 RP and the skin will come with a new model, textures, visual and sound effects, and a processed voice over.

This is Jarvan IV’s sixth skin, with the last being Fnatic in September 2014 and Warring Kingdoms before that in February 2013.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.