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Xin Zhao gets updated base splash art

He’s doing the thing in it. You know, that circle thing. His ult.

Riot Games

In the Patch 8.4 Public Beta Environment cycle, we’re seeing a new base splash art for Xin Zhao!

It seems that there’s just an update to his base skin, not his other skins, but regardless, it looks great. Check out a comparison of his live and updated splash art below.

Riot Games and Riot Games

The old one isn’t awful. It makes him look more like a triumphant and well-known hero, as it seems like he’s performing in a crowd. His new splash art is way more detailed and shiny and it shows him using Crescent Guard, his ultimate. His new art also matches the brighter colors we’ve been seeing from Demacian splash art lately.

It should be noted that this splash art is on the PBE, so it can be updated or changed before it releases in Patch 8.4.

We love the updated splash art, Riot. Give us more.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.