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Resistance Illaoi is coming in Patch 8.5

The fan voted skin finally has a release date and official name.

Riot Games

Battlecast Illaoi, the highly anticipated and fan voted skin, is almost here. In the last development update for this skin, Riot announced a new name, a release window and showed off some cool new effects.

The new skin name is Resistance Illaoi, which apparently also brings Resistance Caitlyn into the fold of the Battlecast universe. The lore behind the skin is that this version of Illaoi is a robot lady who hunts other robots with the power of how robotic she is. And Cait’s skin fits into that ... somehow.

But forget all that nonsense. We finally have a splash art.

Riot Games

The team also dropped a whole bunch of the new Illaoi’s sound effects into the piece as well. The side by sides are fascinating and well worth a listen. But if you want to know what’s really changed, go play Illaoi while listening to a Star Wars sound effects video. You got it. Lots of crazy lasers and reverb sounds. For the Illaoi nerds out there, this is gonna be a scary skin to listen to in game.

Finally, to finish out the post, Riot has announced that Illaoi’s new skin will also have Chromas on offer! While the Chromas themselves are still in development, the team has decided to tease us a bit with the color schemes they will be offering.

Riot Games

Baring disaster, Illaoi should hit the Public Beta Environment in two weeks, ready for release in Patch 8.5.