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Resistance Illaoi finally hits the PBE

It’s almost time, Illaoi mains.

Riot Games

The Public Beta Environment has been updated for the Patch 8.6 cycle and included in that is a new skin for Illaoi!

After much anticipation, voting, and more updates than anyone could possibly want, Resistance Illaoi is ready for public testing. While the name is Resistance Illaoi, don’t let that fool you. This skin line takes place in the same nightmarish hellscape that Battlecast does. So you can line your fancy new Illaoi skin up against Vel’Koz and Skarner for a real battle.

Riot Games

The coolest part of this skin, as if it wasn’t obvious, are Illaoi’s cool, techno-tentacles. Even if you don’t like Illaoi, you’re going to die at least once to getting distracted by their beauty during laning phase.

Riot Games

This skin is tentatively priced at 1350 RP and will come with a new model, textures, new visual and sound effects

This is Illaoi’s first skin since she originally released in 2015. Her release skin was Void Bringer Illaoi.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.