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Resistance Illaoi will hit the PBE very soon

Her final update tells the story of some cool VFX.

Riot Games

In today’s Resistance Illaoi post (the final one for this skin), senior QA analyst Katey “KateyKhaos” Anthony and associative VFX Artist Oil “Beardilocks” McDonald popped in to tell some development stories.

The post starts with the design of Resistance Illaoi’s Q. This ability went on a massive journey to get to where it is. Silly as it sounds, the team created a “Battlecast Moodboard” to get the look and feel just right.

Riot Games

In fact, the team actually got it too right. Or rather, the team went a little overboard. The goal of a skin is to make an ability instantly recognizable, even though it may look completely different. The end result is a more toned down version of what the team had before, lest all the new VFX overwhelm everyone.

The team also used this post to announce that Resistance Illaoi’s Chromas will have different colored tentacles. Speaking of colors, the team was very concerned about Illaoi’s red color scheme. Red/green colorblindness is the most common kind. As a result, the team went through and reworked Illaoi’s E particle until it was far more clear at the tip, allowing players with all kinds of eyes to see it easily.

Riot Games

The post wraps up nicely with a look into quality assurance testing. If you’ve ever been interested in what the Nami lady on Twitter that tweets about skins all the time does for a living (KateyKhaos), you may want to take a look at this section.

Riot Games

But that’s it for Resistance Illaoi! Next step is a Public Beta Environment release and then a full fledged live servers hit.