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Samsung Galaxy’s World Championship skins have been revealed

A couple of champions will be getting their second World Championship skins.

Riot Games

Update: If you’re looking for the concepts of the skins, you should be taking a peek here instead! The completed skins can be seen here.

Almost four months ago, Samsung Galaxy won the 2017 League of Legends World Championship and we now know which champions are getting the team’s commemorative skins, thanks to an interview from Inven, which was later confirmed by Riot.

According to the interview, which was with Samsung’s top laner Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin, all six players on Samsung were once again allowed to choose which champions received skins and Lee was kind enough to let fans know exactly which champions each player chose.

  • CuVee: Gnar
  • Haru: Ezreal
  • Ambition: Jarvan IV
  • Crown: Taliyah
  • Ruler: Xayah
  • CoreJJ: Rakan

This is the second time that both Jarvan IV and Ezreal will have championship skins after Fnatic J4, released for the season one champion, and TPA Ezreal from season two. Just like last year, the players will also have some say in the design of their skins with particle and animation suggestions as well as their own custom designed recall animations.

While this announcement has come early, the skins are still being worked on and aren’t likely to be out soon.