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K/DA Akali is going to get a neon update

She’ll now go neon while in her Twilight Shroud

Riot Games

The K/DA Pop/Stars music video has been the talk of the town, with Akali being the star in a neon get-up as she raps on the train. K/DA Akali will get a free update that makes her turn into the music video’s neon version when she’s in her Twilight Shroud, according to a press release e-mail from Riot Games.

The music video shows her and Evelynn together on a train flipping between what looks to be their stealth forms while she raps in the front. Fans have become enamored with her cool neon form, falling in love with the mask she wears and drawing a whole bunch of fan art of her. Many fans requested an update to her Twilight Shroud ability or for the neon outfit to be available as a Prestige version of the skin and Riot has immediately responded.

The update won’t be available until patch 8.23, but it’ll be a free change for everyone who owns the skin already and it won’t bump the price of the skin up. The skin’s change will be added to the Public Beta Environment for testing this week.

Riot Games

Take a look at the update in action below.