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Lissandra and Camille’s Coven skins are bringing a little witchcraft to Summoner’s Rift

I guess Halloween isn’t over after all

Riot Games via Surrender at 20

The spooky Halloween season has come to an end ... at least that’s what we thought, until Riot unveiled a whole new line of witch-themed skin just a few days after Halloween.

This new line of skins is called Coven and Lissandra and Camille are the first two champions to join. The skins themselves both seem to draw on a heavy nature and Wiccan theme, especially Lissandra who has wooden antlers jutting out from her head and flowers scattered around her feet during her recall. Meanwhile, Camille looks to have a more shamanistic theme, with horns growing out of her head, and dark purple crows surrounding her during her recall animation.

Both of these skins are tentatively priced at 1350 RP. These two Coven skins aren’t the only new skins coming this patch, as Riot has introduced an entirely new type of skins, called Variants for both the Pajama Guardians and the Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona skins.

Coven Camille

Riot Games
Riot Games

This skin is Camille’s first since her release in December 2016.

Coven Lissandra

Riot Games
Riot Games

This is Lissandra’s first skin since her Program skin in April 2016.