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Leona is getting 2 new eclipse-themed skins

Both the Lunar and Solar forms look incredible

Riot Games

Leona is getting two brand new skins at the same time, Riot announced on Tuesday afternoon. The two skins are themed the idea of eclipses and since the two most common forms of eclipse are solar and lunar, Riot decided that it wouldn’t be right to just have one.

Riot Games

Turns out, we should all be very happy with that decision, as both skins look great. The two skins are part of what Riot is now calling “Variant” skins, which basically means that the two share visual design and one model, but have different textures, along with some other changes. This means that they aren’t exactly two completely unique skins, but more like two thematically different versions of the same skin idea. Riot is also doing variant skins with the new Pajama Guardian skins which look like they’ll come out in the same patch as the Lunar and Solar Eclipse Leona skins.

These skins are Legendary tier (1820 RP), but if you buy one, you’ll get the other for 45 percent off since they’re somewhat similar already.

Solar Eclipse Leona

Leona Image: Riot Games
Riot Games

Lunar Eclipse Leona

Image: Riot Games
Riot Games