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League Partner chromas will be in the Blue Essence shop

There’s also a new Partner chroma on the way for Program Leblanc

Riot Games

Since the League Partner program began, fans haven’t exactly loved the way it’s set up.

Having a few exclusive cosmetics, mostly chromas, for streamers to give out to fans is a great idea for the streamers, but it leaves plenty of people feeling left out that they can’t have the new look they want, just because they didn’t win a giveaway. In order to help curb those frustrations, Riot is putting together a plan to offer the wider fan-base a chance at getting these Partner chromas, while cutting out the “partners” entirely.

Infernal Amumu chroma only available through the League Partner program
Riot Games via Surrender at 20

The solution is focused on the Blue Essence Emporium, where players will be able to pick up the Partner chromas, similarly to how they can buy other chromas there, for just 10,000 BE. Of course, the Blue Essence Emporium isn’t around all the time, so any chroma released between January and June will be in the End-of-Year BE Emporium, while July through December releases will be in the midseason Emporium. This should give creators a long enough period of exclusivity to make their giveaways a draw for fans, while also making sure that if you miss these chromas once, they aren’t completely out of your reach.

Sona Emote only available through the League Partner program
Riot Games

The first time Partner chromas will be available in a Blue Essence Emporium event will be in the midseason of 2019, which is likely to happen sometime in the summer. Riot also took this opportunity to announce the next Partner chroma, which will be for Program Leblanc.