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Hextech Renekton can be yours (for gemstones) in patch 8.24

He’s a sharp looking tech-odile

Riot Games

Hextech skins are themed around the meeting of tech and magic, and explore an alternate future where Piltover and Zaun have built units like Kog’maw, Galio, and Anivia. Hextech versions of champions went from an old, forgotten concept into being a new, upgraded and very exclusive line of skins, with new releases costing 10 gemstones from crafting. Meet Renekton, the newest addition to that line.

Riot Games

This crocodile is looking very classy, which is a nice touch — two out of his three last skins (Pool Party Renekton and Renektoy in March 2017) were both meant to be light-hearted and silly. Now, Renekton is a hextech construct with a massive, magical blade who is seeking vengeance. Also, his gold face plating makes him look much more like a dinosaur, and it’s incredibly intimidating.

As is appropriate for Renekton’s lore, the hextech around his chest, shoulders and arms seem to bind him. That’s very appropriate; I wouldn’t want this guy running around to cleave and destroy either. This may be a high-cost skin that’ll take time to pick up, but it seems to be one of the best versions of Renekton possible, and that’s no small feat.