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K/DA Akali gets a Prestige Edition skin

Akali’s getting her moment in the skin spotlight

Riot Games

If you’ve been on the internet any time since the release of K/DA’s “Pop/Stars,” you know for a fact that Ahri may be the face of the band in theory, but Akali has claimed the crown on social media and in the hearts of fans. Her neon-infused rap bridge is by far the most quoted and fan-arted bit of the video, and she’s now getting a Prestige skin.

The first prestige skin recipient was Kai’Sa, and she could only be earned by completing missions via Worlds or loot drops. The skin will be available from gathering tokens during the Snowdown Showdown event. It’ll cost you 1800 tokens for the skin.

The skin, just like the original K/DA skin, turns Akali into a K/DA neon form while she’s in the shroud, but also includes a little neon bonus during her recall. The neon form in this skin is more regal and features black and gold details instead of the usual blue and hot pink.

Riot Games

This is the second hat tip K/DA Akali’s gotten since her launch; a recent update included her iconic neon look from the video while she’s in her shroud. We don’t know if this white and gold Akali will have a specific appearance yet, but we’re kind of in love with that stylish color scheme.