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Nami and LeBlanc join the Program skin lines with two new techno skins

Now you can really say your computer is acting fishy

Riot Games via Surrender@20

The Program skin line is back, and adding two more friendly faces to the roster: Nami and LeBlanc.

Similar to the themes found in Program Lissandra, Camille and Soraka, Nami and LeBlanc have some fancy computer particles right out of Tron. Their squishy, biological bodies have been replaced with a slick, silver casing and a nice gold finish.

All of their magical particles have also been swapped for a more holographic look, with data flowing through them at all times. Of course, both LeBlanc and Nami’s staffs have been digitized as well, and share the same, lifeless glow as the rest of them.

Program LeBlanc

Riot Games
Riot Games

LeBlanc is a little sleeker and more put together than Nami. She has this weird iPad attached to the back of her head, which plays really well into her fantastic recall animation. Her hip-sash has a really nice effect on it as well, which looks like data flowing through the circuits of a computer.

LeBlanc’s last skin was Elderwood LeBlanc, released in March of 2016.

Program Nami

Riot Games
Riot Games

While LeBlanc is contained, Nami’s program skin is a bit more on the wild side. While our favorite fish support has plenty of casing to keep her put together, her mid section and hair have been completely replaced by wires. Her usually flowing fish mane looks especially cool replaced with a bunch of thick cables with outlets on the ends.

Nami’s last normal skin was Deep Sea Nami, released back in June of 2016.

It’s currently unclear what the price point will be for these skins, but other skins in this line have cost 1350 on release.