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Victorious Orianna is the 2018 season reward

This year’s Victorious skin goes to The Lady of Clockwork

Riot Games

Update: Riot Games has fully announced all the info surrounding the new Orianna skin, so we’ve updated the information below.

With Worlds in full swing and the preseason only a few patches away, the 2018 League of Legends season is quickly coming to a close. With the end of season 8 in sight, Riot has decided it’s time to reveal the latest year-end skin: Victorious Orianna.

The skin was revealed in this not-so-mysterious tweet from the League of Legends Europe Twitter account. As we can see, the skin maintains the blue and gold color scheme of previous skins in the Victorious line while still adding some personalized Orianna flair with the purple accents.

Riot Games

As expected, there are also different chroma skins depending on the ranked queues you reached Gold or higher in. As of right now, it’s unknown which color goes with which queue.

Riot Games

Just like previous Victorious skins, players can unlock this one by finishing the season ranked Gold or higher — while avoiding any penalties or account suspensions of course.

Riot also announced that the ranked season ends on Nov. 12, so you better get to grinding to Gold if you want this skin.