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2018 Lunar Revel skins: Lunar Empress Lux and Lunar Guardian Nasus, Warwick celebrate Year of the Dog

Woof. (Not the bad kind of woof, either.)

The new Public Beta Environment cycle is kicking off with five new skins, including the three new skins to celebrate the Lunar New Year! We have a beautiful Lunar Empress Lux, as well as Lunar Guardian Nasus and Warwick to celebrate the Year of the Dog!

All of the new skins have been teased through the German League of Legends Facebook page.

All three of these skins have been tentatively priced at 1350 RP each!

Lunar Empress Lux

Riot Games

Are those ... two tiny moon dogs in her recall? We’re already on board with this skin. (Are those dogs supposed to be little versions of Nasus and Warwick? If so, then we’re really on board.)

Lux does get quite a bit of skins, with her last being Elementalist in November 2016.

Lunar Guardian Nasus

Riot Games

Both of the Lunar Guardian skins bring up these beautiful doors in their recalls, but something about Nasus opening the gates seems right.

Nasus’ last skin released in Nov. 2016 and was Worldbreaker Nasus.

Lunar Guardian Warwick

Riot Games

Warwick is looking regal and he definitely deserves this new skin. His last skin, Marauder Warwick released in Feb. 2015.

Bonus fact: All of these champions had seven skins total prior to this. Now they all have eight!

These skins will be available to be tested once the PBE goes up and should go live with Patch 8.3.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.