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The 2018 Lunar Revel skins get teased with a mysterious door

The Year of the Dog is looking to be a promising start to 2018.

New year, same League. At the start of every year, we get a very cool event centered around the Chinese New Year: Lunar Revel. Riot has gone to social media to tease out this year’s new skins. The company posted a short teaser to their Twitter this afternoon.

Looking closely at the upper right and upper left part of the door, one could guess at least two of the skins. The dragon on the upper left looks quite a bit like Aurelion Sol, who has yet to get another skin outside of his release one. The beast on the upper right looks like everyone’s favorite, wild beast: Warwick.

Now, when you corroborator those look-a-likes to the quote in the Tweet, things come together even better. It is being narrated by a champion who refers to themselves as the “light of the new year.” That sounds an awful lot like the arrogant dragon who makes all of the stars in the sky, does it not?

Working backwards, the next mention is of the viscous beast. Based on his new update, Warwick is due for a shiny new skin sometime soon. Combining the vicious beast tag and the beast on the right that looks a lot like WW leaping with Infinite Duress, this one is basically a lock as well.

The third tease is for the immovable titan. This is where things get a little interesting. If you scour the door, it’s hard to see a third skin, unless you want to talk about the weird blob on the bottom right or the clouds on the bottom left. Well, we’re gonna do just that. Take a close look at the bottom left clouds. Those are not normal cumulonimbus clouds, that’s a fist. So, maybe the being on the left isn’t actually Aurelion Sol at all. Instead, the being on the left is the immovable titan.

Well, when you say immovable, three champions come to mind. The first is Malphite. Now, Malph is old and it would shock me if this was a skin for him. As we saw for good ol’ Yorick, Riot seems to try and stay away from giving skins to potential rework champions. A Malph update hasn’t been announced, but we all know that is probably pretty high up on the list. Upcoming rework means no skin. Sorry, rock fans.

Riot Games

The second champ I think of is Galio, whose lore made him literally immovable for years and years and years. A Lunar Revel Galio skin would be very cool, but it may overlap a bit with Galio’s Gatekeeper skin. This skin is not Lunar Revel themed but has a lot of jade going on with it. You can see a lot of jade influence in some of the other Lunar Revel skins like Jade Fang Cassiopeia (obviously), Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere and all three of last year’s skins. However, the cloudy theme seems to be a bit different this year, so let’s not rule Galio out just yet.

The third champ and also the most likely is Alistar. The only argument you can really make against Ali here is that he has too many skins already. But, if we are saying that the left being is the titan, then that arm pretty closely resembles the beefy Alistar we all know and ... love, I guess.

If we say the left being is the titan, then where is the Aurelion Sol tease? Well, take a look at the center of your screen. You see the door? The head on the knocker? Looks an awful lot like our dragon friend to me. If you need any more convincing here, the light literally pours out from around the door knocker. Who do we think is claiming to be the “light of the new year?” Exactly.

Well, we’ll know for sure about all these different skins soon enough. For now though, all we can do is speculate. If you want to do more of that, you can head to the subreddit or jump into our comment section. Go.