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Riot sends out yet another update on Battlecast Illaoi

This one focuses on visuals and sound effects!

It’s that time again, time for another update for Illaoi’s fan voted skin: Battlecast. This week, the team has released a detailed look into Battlecast Illaoi’s sound effects and visuals.

Starting off with the voice over, the team originally intended to do some cool voice distortion on all of her lines. The level of distortion would ebb and flow, with more oomph on specific words. However, the team has decided that this is not really possible, considering how many lines Illaoi has and how many languages they have to localize in. Instead, the new skin will have cool reverb and voice effects when Illaoi hits you with her E.

Next, the team showed off Illaoi’s walk. Now, this probably doesn’t sound as complicated as it actually is. The images and videos are specifically of Illaoi dragging her idol around with her. On her base skin, there are gorgeous tentacles that flow out from the bottom and drag along the ground. Getting that to work in the Battlecast theme has proven to be a little difficult. So the team is attempting to go with a robo spine instead.

Finally, we move on to the recall animation. The team wanted to do something relatively simple but still pretty fun. So, they came up with the idea of Illaoi using the robot head as a jet pack. The result is really fantastic.

While no single part of the skins visual or sound effects are finished, they are coming along very nicely. Next time, we should get to see more of her ability effects, which is very promising. To hold you off until next time, Riot also showed off a cool time-lapse of their animation process on the recall animation. Enjoy!