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You’ll see what skins your teammates are using in champion select in 8.2

Now you can finally match skins with your allies.

Riot Games

Have you ever had this moment when playing League, where you have too many skins for a champion and have to ask your allies which one to play? Just me? Well, it happens, and Riot has found a way to make the process even smoother. In Patch 8.2, you will be able to see the skins your allies have equipped in champion select.

In a short feature post, Senior Experience Designer Riot SapMagic listed out some specifics on the skin preview.

Previews work in any matchmade game

Previews are only visible in Finalization Phase

Previews for other players are throttled slightly to avoid spamming, which can have negative impacts on performance

Your teammates will only see a skin you’re hovering if you own it

All of this is great news for players who want to match skins with their random allies. Support and AD Carry mains don’t have to worry about picking their coolest skin and looking like a damn fool next to their skin-less lane partner. We should learn more about this feature as it develops on the Public Beta Environment.