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Urfwick will be buy-able with Blue Essence soon

Welp. Time to start hoarding IP.

Riot Games

Following the upcoming Influence Points and Blue Essence changes for preseason, a special shop will be around for a limited time for seasoned players who have lots of in-game currency to spend.

As said by lead producer New001 in the Riot Pls video explaining the changes, you’ll be able to buy ward skins, chromas and other good stuff — including the rare Urfwick skin.

Urfwick is priced at an astounding 150,000 Blue Essence here, which is indeed confirmed to be the price. Start saving up, skin collectors.

The Urfwick getting a rerelease will be different than the original. For one, people who owned the original Urfwick will have a slightly different model, with a crown in game.


Players who originally owned Urfwick will also get a sweet loading screen border with Urf’s iconic spatula!


The skin itself will get a special recall as well, though this isn’t limited to original skin owners. Everyone with Urfwick will be able to use this flashy animation.


Urfwick will be one of the many things available to buy with Blue Essence in the special shop. The shop should be activated after preseason begins on November 8.