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You will finally be able to look at your owned skins in client

If you whale on skins, maybe you don’t want to see this.

In the latest Riot Pls, lead producer New001 gave us a look into a whole bunch of changes we’ll be seeing during preseason, including the IP/Blue Essence changes and the level cap changes. He also gave us a peek into something smaller that players have been asking for: a dedicated place in-client to look at your owned skins.

The screen he showed is a work in progress, but it looks like you’ll be able to view eight skins at a time and be able to organize them by themes, rarity and mastery. It also will tell you how many skins you own, which might be a number you don’t want to see, if you’re the type who spends way too much on skins.

The tab is under the Collection section of the client, where you usually find your champions, runes and item sets.

This is one of the few smaller quality of life upgrades that players have been asking for and it feels good to hear that Riot seems to be listening. This upgrade will most likely launch during preseason with everything else near the end of the year.