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Here’s what the Mystery Skin multiplier is at

We’re keeping track so you don’t have to.

Riot Games

At every major esport event, Riot hosts a special promotion. For every pentakill or Baron steal, the chance to get good loot from Mystery Skin boxes doubles. As usual, this will be happening for Worlds 2017!

Here are the official details, courtesy of the Worlds event splash page:

Pentakill and Baron steal promotions are back for Worlds 2017. If a player secures a Pentakill or steals Baron, you’ll get double the chance of Legendaries and Esports skins in Mystery Items through the end of that stage. This bonus stacks with each trigger, up to 4x per stage!

This multiplier should last until the end of the Knockout Stage, so you’ll have plenty of time to grab some sweet mystery skins!

Here are all the plays we’ve had to thank for the past bonuses:

We’ll be keeping this post updated as the multiplier goes up and down throughout the event. After all, we don’t want you missing any potentially good skins from the promotion!