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‘Your Shop’ makes a surprise return for more personalized skin discounts

I hope you guys all get something good, because I didn’t get anything good.

Update: “Your Shop” is currently down because of bugs. After it is relaunched, everyone will have different shops than the one they saw before the maintenance started. It’s back up now!

If you had deals in your old shop that you saw and didn’t get to purchase, you can reach out to Riot Support to reclaim them.

Announced unexpectedly, “Your Shop” is back up in the League of Legends client!

“Your Shop” is a collection of six skins pulled together by an algorithm that Riot thinks that you’d want. The skins are all discounted from 20 percent to 70 percent off and the bunch can include Legacy skins.

If you don’t own the champion the skin is for, you will also receive the same discount on the champion.

However, skins that are Ultimate, Legendary, Limited, Loot-exclusive or too new won’t appear in the shop.

We don’t know exactly how the algorithm works, but it’s seems to grab champions based on your past games. I mean, I played Lee Sin for the first and only time in my last 20 games and it definitely stuck a Lee Sin skin in there. So that has to be how it works.

“You Shop” is fun because it tells you what Riot’s algorithms think of you. Are you a filthy Ardent Censer user? Do you love tanks? Sharing screenshots of your own personalized list of skins is a cool way to show what kind of player you are!

The shop only lasts until October 3, so make sure to cop any of the skins you want before then.