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Soaring Sword Fiora, Sacred Sword Janna and Eternal Sword Yi are elegant and beautiful

Pastel colors and amazing robes!

Three new skins have been added to the Public Beta environment, in addition to the Yorick skin and the Singed skin that were teased earlier.

The skins are very clearly inspired by Chinese high fantasy work and everyone looks great.

All three skins are tentatively priced at 1350 RP.

Soaring Sword Fiora

Riot Games

Fiora looks elegant and her long flowing sleeves and cape make her look even more so than usual.

This is Fiora’s sixth skin, with her most recent being Pool Party Fiora in July 2016.

Sacred Sword Janna

Riot Games

Janna looks pretty in pink and instead of holding her usual staff, she is, as expected, holding a sword!

Sacred Sword is Janna’s seventh skin since her release, with the latest skin being Star Guardian in October 2016.

Eternal Sword Yi

Riot Games

The details in the turnarounds are a bit hard to see, but it seems that Master Yi has a top knot and flowing hair. That’s all that really matters, I think.

This is Master Yi’s eighth skin, with it being his second skin this year! Earlier in April 2017 he was given Cosmic Blade Master Yi, matching the other Cosmic skins with Xayah, Rakan and Kassadin.

This article will be updated with more information as it becomes available.