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Bee Keeper Singed is buzzing into top lane

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that Singed should be able to fly.

Riot Games

Singed is going to be getting a new skin in the upcoming Patch 7.19 cycle and it’s ... a little weird.

PBE Preview: Beekeeper Singed #honeybee #leagueoflegends

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The skin itself is great. It has honey-like particles and effects and a really cool model, but ... his recall gives me the creeps. Was Singed a bee all along? Did the flower turn him into a bee? I need answers.

This is also a more cutesy skin that we have seen for a champion like Singed before and we’re down for it.

The last Singed skin, Black Scourge, released in May 2016. Before that, he had Augmented in 2012, Samsung Galaxy White in 2015, Snow Day in 2013, Mad Scientist in 2011 and Surfer, Hextech and Riot Squad in 2010. Huh. Singed has more skins than we thought he did.

The skin should be making its way onto the Public Beta Environment soon for testing.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.