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Ornn release skin: Thunder Lord is blue, shiny and walrus-like

Maybe it was his decree?


Ornn, League of Legends’ newest champion, will arrive onto Summoner’s Rift with a release skin fit for a bear ... well, fit for a Volibear at least.

The usually fiery Ornn will trade out his flames for lightning in Thunder Lord Ornn. He loses the horns (replaced by an ornate helmet) in favor of some sweet tusks and belches lightning. Take a look at the new champion’s base and release skin below.

Base skin Ornn

Riot Games

This fiery ram looks tough, but something about him looks so huggable. I just want to braid his fluffy beard hair and use him to warm me on a winter’s night. The tips of his horns and his left hand have a nice red glow to them, making him appear even more powerful than we know he is.

Thunder Lord Ornn

Riot Games

The skin comes with a unique recall animation, neat-o lightning spell effects and new sounds. Each spell has also received a lightning make over, including his build-able terrain and his ram. His overall look has also changed significantly, with a completely new color scheme and cool, Freljordian armor. Thunder Lord Ornn’s tentative price is 1350 RP.

Pack up your fire and brimstone, Ornn has decided to get himself a lovely, Thor-like makeover. Oh, and don’t tell Volibear that his brother stole his element. It doesn’t seem like that would end particularly well.

Thunder Lord Ornn, along with the wooly guy himself, is expected to launch with Patch 7.17 and is now available on the Public Beta Environment for testing.