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PAX Sivir returns with epic loot capsules

Riot returns to PAX and they’re bringing an old friend.

Riot Games

PAX Sivir was one of the convention exclusive skins that you couldn’t get anywhere else, next to PAX Twisted Fate and PAX Jax. Riot is making an appearance at PAX West this year and they’re bringing back a special version of the Sivir skin to commemorate the event!

Neo PAX Sivir is a special colored version of the original skin and it’ll be available to be crafted using 10 gemstones from August 31 at 11:00 PT until January 8, 2018 at 23:59 PT. After this, the skin will be going back into the vault. There will also be a chance to obtain this special skin from newly added Epic loot capsules.

These capsule do not require keys to open and have one guaranteed epic or higher skin shard. They also have a higher chance of having gemstones to craft special hextech-exclusive skins.

You’ll be able to buy the epic capsules in a bundle, but you can also get them individually for 750 RP. They’ll be available until September 9, so grab some before they’re gone.

If you have the original PAX Sivir, don’t fret. You’ll get Neo PAX Sivir for free, as well as a loading screen border for the original. The original skin will not ever be brought back to obtain.

Skin codes for Neo PAX Sivir will also be given out at PAX West in Seattle. Riot will be hosting a one night party on September 1 and it’s going to be lit.