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The 2017 Championship skin is going to Ashe

The queen only gets more royal looking.


We’ve been speculating who’s going to get this year’s Championship skin to celebrate Worlds. The Public Beta Environment has started to update for the Patch 7.18 cycle and it’s going to be given to Ashe!


This skin looks great and it sports a slightly different theme than we’ve seen in the past. It’s more gold and regal, whereas the past skins have been more dark and almost spooky.

The skin is tentatively priced at 1350 RP, which is higher than the past Championship skins.

Riot Games

You will also be able to get a special golden chroma for the skin through Worlds crafting.

Riot Games

Purchasing the Championship skin (which is typically 975 RP) contributes to the Worlds prize pool. 25 percent of the proceeds from the skin fill the prize pool. Last year saw a pretty huge increase to the prize pool, so we can probably expect the same for this year.

In an older post by Riot Katana, they note that Championship skins are picked by seeing what champion made a big difference at the Mid-Season Invitational from that year. (Conqueror skins are based off of Worlds.) She was picked or banned in 76.2 percent of all the games, which is pretty dang high. They also pick champions that fit thematically, so that should answer all your questions about why Ashe was the one to grab it this year and not Lulu, who had an 100 percent pick/ban rate at MSI.

Past Championship skins have gone to Riven, Thresh, Kalista, Shyvana and Zed. Now it’s Ashe’s turn! The skin has yet to be added to the PBE, but we should be seeing more details soon.

This article will be updated with more information as it becomes available.