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Summoner’s Rift gets a new Arcade themed skin

Can we have this forever? Pleeeaaase?


Along with the new Battle Boss skins up on the Public Beta Environment, there is a new map skin available for testing. It’s not an entire re-skin, but all the objectives are now Arcade-themed and there are a few other bits around the map.

There’s a lot going on, including little pixel poros and stars around the map, special Arcade minions as well as custom sounds and music. The bases really look like castles from role-playing games and the turrets redesigned as knights look awesome.

The turrets are extremely similar to Arcade Riven’s helmet style, which makes us wonder what the story behind these Arcade skins are.

Different map skins aren’t for everyone and can be distracting, so you can disable the new map features in your settings. Now you can’t claim that the Arcade Rift skin distracted you from winning your ranked game.

The map skin is now on the PBE but it should launch with the rest of patch 7.16 and the Battle Boss skins.