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Urgot’s updated model is creepy but clean

Ugly in a good way.

Riot Games

Urgot is getting his update, finally! In addition to a complete gameplay overhaul, he’s getting a new look. His splash art was revealed already and they look dope. Now we get to see what all his in-game models look like!

Base skin Urgot


The base Urgot skin now really matches the coloration and theme that champions from Zaun have. His color scheme is reminiscent of Singed, but we’re not complaining. They seem like they’d be best Zaun buddies now.

Butcher Urgot


This 520 RP skin doesn’t seem that different from Urgot’s base skin at first, but he has a cute little apron now! You know, so he doesn’t get messy while doing his job as a meat butcher. (Touches earpiece.) Oh, I am getting news now that he is not that type of butcher.

Well, he looks swanky regardless.

Giant Enemy Crabgot


This is another 520 RP skin that looks ridiculously good. Before he was a disgusting crab thing, but now hes a cool Pacific-Rim monster. Look at those glowing gems! He looks great!

Battlecast Urgot


This skin is 1350 RP, which is the most pricey of them all. We can’t be upset about that, though, because it looks pretty good. You can tell there’s a brand new model and everything.

For more skin information, including ability screenshots, videos and more, check out Surrender@20’s coverage!